Why The Traditional Method of Running an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Practice Is No Longer Effective And Competitive When It Comes To Dental Implant Services

The traditional oral surgery business model is no longer effective. Oral surgeons must adapt to the changing landscape in implant dentistry by integrating digital workflow and adopting operational excellence.

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made By Oral Surgeons During Digital Transformations of Their Offices

Digital transformation is a complicated, comprehensive process that affects all aspects of an oral surgery office. To ensure the success of their digital initiatives, oral surgeons must understand how to identify and minimize common mistakes.

Who Will Benefit From Digital Transformation?

The benefits of digital transformation in an oral surgery office depend on a number of factors. Before beginning the process of digitization, oral surgeons must understand these factors and determine if their practice is a candidate for digital solutions.

How GPs Were Able To Successfully Disrupt The US Implant Dentistry Market

Over the past 20 years, GPs have attracted an increasingly high volume of implant patients with lower than average treatment costs. Today, digital technology offers oral surgeons new opportunities to regain–and expand–their current market share

Digital Transformation: An HR Problem, Not a Technological Challenge

As digital software and hardware have become easier to use, the relative importance of technical knowledge has decreased. Instead, oral surgeons must focus on the role of HR in achieving successful digital transformation and realizing their overarching practice goals.

Bridging The Digital Generational Gap: Communication Between Senior And Millenial Oral Surgeons

As digital technology has become more prevalent in oral surgery, the digital divide between senior and junior surgeons has continued to grow. However, through collaboration, senior and junior surgeons have the opportunity to foster practice growth and expand their market share in the implant dentistry.