About Us

AIID has an internationally recognized and referenced multidisciplinary team composed of highly qualified dentists. With more than two decades of knowledge and research, our experience allows the resolution of complex cases.

AIID is now recognized worldwide for its know-how and being one of the pioneering institutions to introduce implant treatment protocols. While empowering oral surgeons and dentists to offer the best clinical practices to their patients, we decided to offer our expertise to those patients who are considering implant treatment, especially those who need complex full mouth treatment. The main driver behind establishing our new AIID Faculty Practice is that we want to bring our expertise straight to YOU.

Our Unique Practice

Do you want to know a quick fact? Performing a dental implant procedure does not require any specific kind of training. Crazy, right? There are traditionally two ways to get dental implants. You could either coordinate with your local oral surgeon, dentist AND dental lab who are not properly trained in implant dentistry OR go to a one-stop office that gives you one (or if you’re lucky, two) options for the treatment. Neither sound very appealing, especially when you are making a life altering decision.

At the American Institute of Implant Dentistry Faculty Practice, we want you to feel safe and we want to help you understand the options you have. We not only have leading surgeons in the field of implant dentistry that have years of experience and have taught and mentored others in performing the surgery, but we are pioneers. We helped develop and enact better implant dentistry procedures currently used today by the majority of surgeons who preform this life changing procedure. At AIID we want you to have options and want to help you find which option is best for YOU. To start the process, schedule a free consultation below.